I'm Cindy,

and this is my story...

Former Miss South Africa, Runner-Up Miss Universe, Entrepreneur, TV presenter, Socialite, Philanthropist, Businesswoman, Wife and (my personal favourite) MOM – these are just some of the titles I’ve carried in my life since being born in 1981 to a military family...


I don’t specifically think of my childhood life as unique...

...but I do think God wants incredible greatness for each one of us, and I think that He provides the opportunities along the way if you keep your eyes and your heart open, know how to identify the right opportunities and work hard. 

I was born in the first military hospital in Pretoria (the capital of South Africa). The doctors made a big dent in my head with the forceps they used. I hide this dent under the Glorious main of brown hair bestowed on me but it always reminds me where I’m from. 
A child of a hard-working mom and dad who did their best and gave us a good life. We needed for nothing. 

But that little brown-eyed, singing dancing Afrikaans girl had a twinkle in her eye and a dream in her heart. 
Regular life wasn’t going to do it for me. 
I wanted to be a star!


...was no doubt the big turning point in my life and opened the hundreds of doors I’ve been able to come through to get where I am today. 

But … 
The Little Miss Valentine competition at a local restaurant where I won a modelling school course at a little local modelling school for 3 months is where it all began. 

I loved the stage, the industry and the process and soon realized that modelling and pageants are a fast, fun and lucrative way to success. 
I made sure I met everyone who could be important or valuable as a contact, I researched everything, read everything, remembered names and cultivated relationships with leaders, role models and mentors.

This combined with my Afrikaans upbringing of always being humble and grateful, insatiable eagerness to learn and grow and good old-fashioned hard work made it easy and exciting for others to want to work with me and help me up the ladder. 

Winning Miss South-Africa and subsequently 2nd runner up at Miss Universe in 2003...

...I was lucky to get an opportunity as a TV presenter on a popular South African lifestyle show “Pasella” which I worked on for over 12 years and which opened the door to a 20-year television presenter and reality star career ranging from the 2010 Soccer World Cup to Survivor Santa Carolina, Strictly Come Dancing, Wedding Bashers and more. 

After my Miss South-Africa Year...


My television career lead to over 70 magazine covers, brand endorsements, modelling contacts, travels and opportunities I could never have even dreamt about and finally to meeting my husband and having all the businesses I have today. 

I learn so much from them, every day. They inspire me to be a better person, to elevate my life and to want to achieve more amazing things. They inspire me to want to be proud of my life and the person I am.
It's not always easy, in fact, it’s very challenging. I fail all the time, but when I succeed, even the smallest joys and the briefest laughter, make it all worth it.
My daughter, Aenea, is already an influencer, please follow and support her dream on her YouTube channel here
My son, Ethan, whom I have no doubt will be a famous and highly successful negotiator for the FBI one day, inspires me daily to step it up…

Being a mom to my two beautiful children is my greatest honour.


the word


Together with life coaches and a conscious approach to my own development, I like to think I have transformed my body, soul and trajectory.
I believe with all my heart that I have just recently been called for even greater things and that the first chapter of my life, my successes, learnings and feedback (there is no such thing as failure there is only feedback 😊) have been to prepare me for this next chapter of my life.
I am simply stepping it up.
I want to live this life to the absolute maximum.

For the past 4 years I have been dedicated to my personal growth.


Stepping it


to the

I'm going to continue to dream big, put my head down and make incredible things happen, continue to observe, learn and grow. Big things are happening, big things are coming. It's only impossible until someone does it… 

… I aspire to build businesses and people internationally, be my children’s greatest support system and growth driver, exposing them to international platforms and experience and to use my platform to inspire and uplift others whether it be in the smaller ways through makeup and beauty or empowering minds and hearts to reach for the moon! 

So, I’m keeping my ears open to listen carefully to what God/the Universe asks of me.

Making the world more


When I leave … a place, an event or a person … I want them to be better off than when I came. 
I want to make the world a more beautiful place wherever I go. 






The company I keep - Leanord Lauder 

Stand-up comedy - anything going on TV - I love to laugh!

Turmeric and ginger shots as often as possible

“Everything is teachable” - whatever is going that day and Esther Perel